Organic coconut product is the industry’s big thing in the industry both for local and international demand.

True to its Vision-Mission, the CIIF OMG prioritized the program as a direct partnership with the coconut farmers.

Targeting an initial of 5,000 hectares qualified as organic copra source, the Corporate Social Responsibility team aspire to engage 3,000 coconut farmers.

The management was convinced that CIIF OMG is mandated to support the two-fold objective: increase the incomes of targeted coconut farmers in Bicol and Masbate and secure a sustainable organic copra supply by engaging in the direct purchase of feedstock from farmers and various farmer organizations.

Strategic municipalities were initially assessed and consulted with the help of Philippine Coconut Authority- Region V and selected Local Government Units to feel the farmers’ interest and gauge their perceived knowledge about organic. Local farmers showcased “organic crops” like mushroom and cacao but never realized a premium incentive in selling their “organic product” due to the absence of a qualified organic certification.

The price incentive is designed to incentivize farmers’ dedicated efforts to maintain the farms organic authenticity, instill discipline in producing quality products and imbue honesty in doing business.

With this initiative, the management also believed that metrics should be in place to measure the success and positive impact to the targeted beneficiaries.