CIIF- OMG President/CEO Benedicto C. Lor Jr. (speaker), representatives from all coconut producing region.

CIIF-OMG VP Mamerto Bernardo

CDA Administrator Abad Santos

The CIIF OMG hold the 1st National Summit for Coconut Farmers’ Cooperative with the theme entitled Save The National Treasure: ‘THE COCONUT TREE’ The Tree of Life last July 5-6, 2018 at St Giles Hotel with different participants from different provinces.

The Coconut Industry Investment Fund-Oil Mills Group (CIIF-OMG) adhered that one of the key to a viable economic growth is a continuous development of our agriculture. It is evident that coconut farmers are the poorest among them, which greatly affected us economically and socially.

These are the realities that the CIIF-OMG wanted to address and provide solution for. With the new development plan and right people in place, we at CIIF OMG are serious in our commitment in supporting coconut farmers’ livelihood. One of the solutions is establishing a cooperative to support our farmers and stakeholders and to continue the role in social development, while giving the most quality product to the consumers.

The partnerships with the managed cooperatives will eventually create a steady supply of raw materials that will optimize processing plants’ utilization, provide viable product volume and uphold a sustainable program for the cooperatives.